People who want to increase their chances of winning often look for slots that offer the best odds of winning. Any New Zealand online casino has a wide selection of slots with different payout rates. The extensive catalog of a online casino deposit with bank account offers visitors a great selection of games. Before starting to play for money, everyone can try out a demo version of the machines. Apart from the fact that it gives the opportunity to determine priority simulators, there is another benefit of such practice. The player evaluates the machines in terms of how much he can win by playing a particular video slot.

You can determine how likely you are to win by looking at the "Payout Table" section. This tells you how much money you can win and how much money you need to bet. You can also calculate the RTP by dividing your winnings by your bets multiplied by 100. However, this does not mean that slots with high odds will always give you guaranteed winnings. In fact, over time, such slots may even make you a profit. But it is important to remember that there is always some risk when playing high odds slots, so make sure you have plenty of money before you place big bets.

What is RTP?

RTP is the percentage of how much money in total the slot machine will return to the player. This can be a win or just a return of money from the online casino deposit with bank account. For example, if a slot machine has an RTP of 97%, it means that for every put in his $1 the player can expect to return 97 cents. The remaining 3 cents goes to the casino.

As a rule, the theoretical RTP is different from the actual RTP. The odds of winning at a slot game depend on many factors, such as the frequency of rolls (the probability of winning on each particular spin). There are other factors, such as the frequency of bonuses, the maximum possible winnings, and the variance or volatility. Therefore, the RTP listed in a slot machine's description is really just a theoretical estimate of how much that machine will pay out over time. In addition to RTP, there is another term called House Edge. They are often confused with each other, so it is important to understand how they differ.

Many developers specify a payout percentage for their machines. This is the percentage of money that people playing the game can expect to get back as prizes. Game developers can quickly calculate the RTP for their simulators because they created them. However, finding out the total payout percentage of a casino in New Zealand is quite difficult. After all, this figure includes all the simulators available at an online casino, including slots, table games and roulette. All of these percentages are combined into one figure.

Who sets the payout percentage? The developer adds a random number generator to the software so that each round is not predetermined. This RTP is checked for randomness by a reputable audit lab. The developer can then use the verified RNG to play the games. Both the audit lab and the developer can activate audit software to check how often players win.

Why do I need to know a player's total payout?

It is impossible to check the online casino deposit with bank account for all slots - it is too tedious. This is especially true if someone likes to try different types of entertainment frequently. In most cases, a slot machine should be chosen based on the RTP. Total payout percentage is useful for this purpose. Online casinos usually offer high paying simulators if their overall RTP is high.

To find games with a profitable RTP, it's worth looking at casinos that offer high payouts. This will reduce the time you have to spend searching for individual gambling machines with high payout probabilities. Some affiliates and sites that publish casino reviews show the total RTP for each casino. For example, if one gaming site offers a 98.3% RTP compared to 97.5% at another resource, you should select the former because it has a higher overall payout.

Some developers offer different percentages of the money back that people get when they play the game. New Zealand operators can decide from these different percentages. For example, a casino can pick a payout percentage of 97%, 96%, or 95%. This gives you an idea of how often people win on all the machines at that casino.

Top slots with the highest payout percentage

Gaming machine manufacturers set various parameters that affect how profitable a slot machine is. Gamblers are always interested in what kind of machines offer the best return on investment.



Percentage return

Alaxe in Zombieland

25 paylines


Dead or Alive

Theme of the Wild West, 9 lines



10 lines



Progressive jackpot


Jackpot 6000

5 paylines


Princess of the Ocean

Maximum jackpot, 1*1000 bet made by the player on each line


Tropic Reels

Bonus rounds


Big Bad Wolf




25 lines, 10 free spins


Goblins Cave



Some people think that if they bet 100 units of money, they will get back the same amount. This is not always true. Sometimes you can get a big payout after two or three spins. But sometimes you win nothing after 100 spins. This all happens because of the variance, which is the deviation from what the player expects. This volatility determines how often you get payouts. Although this information is classified by the developer, experienced players have learned to determine the variance of slot machines by observation and comparison.

With what payout limit is it better to choose a slot?

This is not an easy question to answer. Any game at any moment can have an RTP different from the one set by the manufacturer. For example, if someone made just one spin on Rise of Olympus video slot (from PlaynGo) and got a win that is more than 350 times his bet, the RTP will be off the charts.

It is useful for any player, both beginner and professional, to know what percentage of money will be returned to players. Clearly marked RTP in the characteristics of the slot increases the player's confidence in the online casino, because it allows him to weigh his chances of winning. At the same time it is recommended to decide an online casino deposit with bank account.

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